OrthoNebraska Clinic Architectural Case Study




January 30, 2024


We worked alongside McCarthy Building Company to provide casework for a new OrthoNebaska clinic in Omaha, Nebraska. The objective? Create a bright and inviting space by maximizing the available space and ensuring the comfort of staff and patients.

Custom Casework: Blending Functionality with Modern Design

Location: Omaha, NB

Objective: Create casework and cabinetry for a brand-new healthcare clinic built along a busy traffic corridor in Council Bluffs.

Challenges & Goals

Space Utilization

As an orthopedic clinic, there is a lot of bulky medical furniture and equipment that takes up space. As the cabinetry and casework suppliers, we had to ensure that this furniture could be easily maneuvered in every space while providing ample storage space.

Bright and Modern

Putting patients at ease is essential in any modern medical facility, and OrthoNebraska is no different. The clinic’s goal was to create a bright and modern environment that helped to soothe their patients.

Durability & Functionality

Creating durable and functional casework for staff and patients was essential. Nurses and doctors should feel in control with functional and durable casework, while patients should feel comfortable. 

Time Frame

As the project took place during the warmest summer months, we had to ensure all casework deliveries and installation were on schedule. 


Planning for this project began a year before casework manufacturing, meaning material costs increased significantly in the interim. We had to keep within budget while also providing the highest quality cabinetry.

Why HWI?

For over 40 years, HWI has worked on various projects within the medical sector. This experience means that we are up-to-date on modern medical facility casework techniques. Our familiarity also allows us to have learned what not to do, saving everyone time and money. Our hands-on experience allowed us to make informed stockist decisions and choose a tried and tested brand we knew we could rely on for fast lead times. Our reputation for industry-leading customer service was also very beneficial for working on this project. We even threw in some punch list items free of charge, such as additional hardware and brackets.

Light wood cabinetry with integrated sink in OrthoNebraska clinic

Our Approach

We created a detailed plan to expertly carry out this project. Our clearly defined outline kept our goals in focus.


While the casework design was already complete, sizing and dimensions required significant input. We also made several recommendations for more adjustable and durable alternatives.

Feasibility Research

As part of the HWI planning stage, we conducted feasibility research to gain a deep understanding of OrthoNebrska’s vision, allowing us to look at the practicality and viability of laminate, edgebanding, and hinges.

Material Selection

Time was of the essence with this project, so we ensured the availability and prompt delivery of materials. Taking a holistic approach, we could recommend materials that were in stock and best suited to OrthoNebraska’s goals.

Communication and Collaboration

This project was one of collaboration and teamwork alongside the McCarthy Building Company. By regularly communicating with their project manager, we could quickly and easily incorporate minute details important to the project. 

Based on the project’s goals and ideal outcomes, we used Formica’s Natural Ash laminate to keep the space from feeling too dark. Conversely, in the common areas we added splashes of darker laminate to contrast the bright wall colors.  In addition, we used a 6-11/16” square bar pull to add some dimension to the door and drawer fronts.

Custom grey casework in OrthoNebraska hospital corridor


We are incredibly proud of the results we were able to achieve. Thanks to our planning, attention to detail, and consistent communication, they received exactly what they wanted and more.  

Enhanced Patient Experience

Light and airy spaces surround patients, while ergonomic casework significantly improves staff and patients’ comfort. Thanks to the use of light wood and modern cabinet pulls, we were able to ensure a relaxing space for all. 


To maximize the durability of our casework, we used a 3mm edge banding on the doors and drawers of our cabinets. This allows the doors and drawers to absorb a little more wear and tear, without damaging the function.  We also used line boring on the height of cabinets for adjustable shelving and placed air vents in cabinets that would house computers or any machinery with a need for air flow. 


We communicated weekly with the team at McCarthy. We were able to keep the general contractor informed on stock availability to maximize efficiency. 

Timely Completion

This project took place over the hottest summer months, meaning installation could be delayed for employee health and safety. Despite the intense heat, the project was completed on time and on budget in less than two months. The timely completion was also possible due to the HWI feasibility research conducted before the project kickoff. During this research, we outlined the availability of materials (a habit we learned due to COVID-19), which allowed us to schedule delivery and installation accurately.