Architectural Casework Case Study: Chevrolet Dealership




December 13, 2023


When working with a prominent Chevrolet dealership in Papillion, Nebraska, the stakes were high. The objective? Create a bright and inviting space by taking advantage of large windows and using light maple wood for panels and desks.

Chevrolet Architectural Casework Case Study

Location: Papillion, NE

Objective: A modern design that respects the Chevrolet brand and enhances the customer’s experience.

Challenges & Goals:

Space Utilization:

A common issue for car dealerships is trying to maximize space. Cars and vehicles can quickly create a cluttered feel, so optimizing space was crucial to this project. 

Brand Consistency in Architecture:

Chevrolet is a world-renowned brand with very clear branding. We aimed to expertly tailor our casework to Chevrolet’s iconic brand quality.


Creating efficient and accessible spaces for staff and customers was our priority on this project. Customers should feel comfortable and at ease, while staff should feel in control.

Time Frame:

As the project took place during winter months, we had to ensure all casework deliveries arrived on time despite harsh weather, snow and a muddy jobsite.

Spacious and well-lit main hall of a Chevrolet dealer shop, featuring sleek modern design

Our Approach

We created a detailed plan to expertly carry out this project. Our clearly defined outline kept our goals in focus.

Consultation & Blueprinting

Throughout this project, we collaborated with Lueder Construction and RDG Architects, to gain a deep understanding of their vision, providing insight and input on how to best optimize casework.

Material Selection

We took a 360 view of the project to recommend both value-engineered yet premium materials. To do this, we look at the project’s space, design and use cases. Then we showcased unique textures and colors that best suit their goals.        

Based on the project’s goals and ideal outcomes, we used Wilsonart’s Kensington Maple laminate, to marry the natural light of the space with a natural wood.  Anodized Aluminum Strips were used for finishing the spaces between the maple wall panels so as not to distract from the natural and light filled design. Finally, Rev-A-Shelf Waste pullouts for trash were installed to prevent clutter.

Custom Casework 

Based on Chevrolet’s choice of material, we crafted unique casework and cabinetry to fit specific areas from the customer reception to staff offices. Open office space flooded with natural light from a large window, illuminating rows of workstations


We are incredibly proud of the results we achieved for H&H Chevrolet. Thanks to our planning, attention to detail, and customer service, they received exactly what they wanted and more.  

Enhanced Customer Experience 

Customers are welcomed by an organized layout, welcoming reception desk and comfortable sales offices. The ergonomic casework significantly improves customer navigation and comfort.

Brand Elevation

This design modernizes the space and reinforces Chevrolet’s esteemed legacy.

Operational Efficiency

Our custom casework solutions ensures streamlined operations for dealership staff, from sales to service.

Timely Completion

The project was executed and delivered in phases, over a 5 month timeframe, minimizing costs and maximizing efficiency in building operations.


We successfully helped to create the Chevrolet dealership through tailored architectural casework solutions, striking the perfect balance between their established brand identity and modern design.
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