Cost-Saving Tips for Casework in Commercial Projects at HWI




May 13, 2024


Industry Insight

With 40 years of experience in the industry, we pride ourselves on delivering cost-saving architectural casework and cabinetry solutions that seamlessly blend quality and aesthetics. Our team of experts has created helpful tips for architects, contractors, and project managers to showcase the best and most effective ways to reduce the costs of casework and cabinetry.

The Importance of Cost Efficiency in Architectural Casework

Cost efficiency is essential in every business – no matter the industry. In construction, keeping costs under control has never been more critical. With inflation continuously increasing, material shortages, and delivery delays, architects and project managers need to find innovative solutions to reduce costs.

Key Cost-Saving Casework Strategies for Midwest Architect

1. Material SelectionDesign Optimization for Cost Savings

Each project has its own unique challenges and requirements. In the healthcare sector, for example, materials must withstand rigorous cleaning regimes without degrading, whereas commercial casework should endure regular customer interaction. Our approach at HWI involves deeply understanding your project’s needs and guiding you toward the best quality materials that offer the best value for your budget.

For example, we can recommend cost-saving hardware substitutions like cabinet pulls. By choosing less expensive yet high-quality casework hardware, we’ve saved our clients hundreds of dollars. 

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2. Design Optimization for Cost Savings

By taking an in-depth look at designs, we can make recommendations for alterations that can save our customers hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars. From the moment we start with a new project, our team of experts meticulously reviews architectural plans and specifications to find potential cost-saving opportunities. Whether through optimizing spatial layouts, suggesting durable materials, or fine-tuning design elements, our goal is to offer substantial savings for our clients.

3. The Benefits of Modular and Prefabricated Casework

Modular and prefabricated solutions offer design and construction versatility, enabling spaces to adapt, evolve, and expand quickly and efficiently. This approach reduces on-site waste, speeds up project timelines, and cuts down on labor costs.  For some projects, modular and prefabricated casework offers the best quality, sustainability, and price to remain competitive in the Midwest.

4. Technology in Cost Reduction: Digital Tools and Software

By combining state-of-the-art digital design and manufacturing techniques with the expertise of our highly skilled craftspeople, we can deliver casework solutions for architects that embody precision, quality, and efficiency. Our team utilizes digital software to create detailed models and simulations, ensuring every aspect of the casework is meticulously planned and executed. This approach not only results in significant cost savings for our clients but also provides the highest standards of craftsmanship and durability in every project.

5. On-Time Delivery

Delays and overages are one of the most expensive aspects of any construction project. That’s why we offer guaranteed on-time delivery for every project – no more costly delays, no more increased labor costs, and happy clients. Our strategic location enables us to serve a broad region, including Iowa, Nebraska, Missouri, Kansas, North Dakota, Minnesota, and Texas, with remarkable speed and reliability.

Our Approach to Casework Design and Execution

Regular communication and collaboration are key to achieving affordable casework designs. For instance, architects can benefit from the technical expertise of casework providers from our team at HWI, who can suggest materials and methods that optimize durability and cost. Similarly, contractors can provide valuable input on installation logistics and timelines, helping streamline the project workflow.  As Midwest commercial casework partners, we ensure that every aspect of the casework — from material selection to final installation — aligns with a project’s aesthetic vision, functional requirements, and budget constraints.

See The Results: Midwest Casework Projects by HWI

When we worked with Ideal Construction on the Wolf Creek project, we used  wood-grained melamine for the casework and furniture, rather than the traditional method of affixing plastic laminate to particle board. This choice not only reduced material costs but also led to significant savings in both time and labor expenses. By employing wood-grained melamine, we were able to eliminate the steps involved in adhering laminate to particle board, reduce our glue consumption, and avoid the need for an overnight glue curing period. This efficiency allowed the materials to be immediately processed into cabinet parts, streamlining the entire manufacturing process.

At HWI, our commitment to value-engineering casework solutions for architects and cabinetry stems from 40 years of refined expertise. We pride ourselves on our ability to identify and implement cost-effective alternatives that maintain the highest standards of quality our clients have come to expect. Coupled with our commitment to on-time delivery and collaborative approach, we are a trusted partner for architects and project managers across the Midwest. 

By choosing HWI, you’re not just selecting a casework provider; you’re partnering with a team committed to excellence, innovation, and cost-effectiveness in every project.

Whether you need casework for your next project, need a quote, or want to learn more about our products and services, just give us a call: (712) 323-1405 or (866) 773-8960

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