Formica HardStop: a game-changer in decorative panels




January 29, 2020


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In the dynamic world of interior design, Formica HardStop Decorative Protection Panels has become an industry leader.

Fast becoming the go-to among designers and architects, these high-pressure laminate panels are used across the US and for good reason.

From their easy installation to their durability, keep reading to find out why designers and architects are choosing Formica HardStop panels for their projects.

Let’s explore what sets this revolutionary product apart.

What are Formica HardStop Panels

Formica HardStop is an innovative solution that combines decorative wall panels with exceptional durability.

Designed with an advanced fiberglass core, these durable surface panels are fire-resistant, stain-resistant, and incredibly easy to clean, providing peace of mind alongside style in commercial spaces.

Not only does Formica HardStop perform well, but they also look incredible. Available in bespoke colors and finishes, these decorative protection panels co-ordinate perfectly with other Formica laminates, helping to make your projects look great while protecting walls.

What are Formica Hardstop Panels used for?

Formica HardStop panels are used as wall covering solutions to protect from damage within various environments. From hospital patient rooms to airport corridors, HardStop panels offer top-class wall protection.

Designed to integrate into various spaces seamlessly, Formica HardStop panels are among the most versatile laminate wall protection panels on the market. Forget purely commercial-grade panels or architectural panels, HardStop is the best of both worlds.

They are an excellent solution for areas such as hospitals, restaurants, offices, and schools. Their stylish design and wide range of finishes also make them a perfect fit for commercial spaces seeking a blend of function and form.

Why choose Formica Hardstop Panels?

Compared to alternatives, Formica HardStop stands out due to its unique array of features.

Their unmatched durability ensures long-lasting beauty, and the level of protection offered by the panels is unparalleled.

Thanks to their fiberglass core, Formica HardStop Panels are:

  • Impact- resistant
  • Scratch-resistant
  • Stain-resistant
  • Water safe

The fire-resistant properties add an extra layer of safety while their ability to withstand harsh cleaning chemicals gives added durability. With many design choices, they offer a wide range of customization options to suit any aesthetic from natural and organic styles to industrial and corporate.

How do you install Formica Hardstop Panels?

Installing Formica HardStop panels is a straightforward process.

They can be applied directly to drywall making the transformation of any space quick and hassle-free.

With just a few common tools, you can create a stunning and durable design statement.

Watch the full step-by-step installation process.

Where can I buy Formica HardStop Panels?

Whether you’re an architect or interior designer, Formica HardStop panels are easily accessible.

No matter the project, our team of experts are here to help you get exactly what you need.

Always just a call or email away, you can get in touch today on our website to order your Formica HardStop Panels.

Formica HardStop Decorative Panels at HWI Custom Interiors

The value of Formica HardStop decorative panels extends beyond their stunning visual appeal.

With unrivalled durability, easy installation, and an extensive range of designs, they offer a transformative solution for any space

At HWI Custom Interiors, we take the stress out of installation (or alternative function)…

At HWI Custom Interiors, we believe in giving our customers the best. With fair pricing, invaluable service, and top-quality products we’ve been trusted in the Midwest for 39 years.

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