Reacting to:  Natural and organic design styles




February 3, 2022



What do you think about new, trending styles having more organic and natural design styles?  For me, I personally love it!  Colors have become more dusty and muted and typically stick to natural tones.  Textures like wood, leather, jute, rattan, have become more popular as well as potted plants, either fake or real!  And when it comes to metal accents we are seeing more matte and weathered finishes.  In our industry in particular we find more and more designers and architects looking for solid, neutral colors with woodgrains either printed or embossed.  We’re also seeing heavy mixing of metal and wood, creating a very sophisticated, but organic look.  Many say this style has been brought on by the pandemic in an effort to create a more comfortable and cozy atmosphere for those who now have to spend more time at home.  I’ve gotta say, it makes sense, and it looks good!

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