The Rise of Monochrome




July 23, 2021



We have compiled a list of the trending top colors and hardware choices for 2021.  2021 has brought on its new colors and styles, especially the Pantone colors of the year (2021) Ultimate Gray, and Illuminating.  We are seeing variations of this theme over and over!  We have seen a definite rise in the use of grey toned woodgrains, both in laminate and veneer use, and see this getting matched up with oranges and yellows and other brighter colors.  Calcutta Marble continues to be a top seller in countertops, and Formica’s Infiniti finish and Fenix’s soft touch finish continue to be popular especially for reception desks and eye catching pieces.  And the item that really puts the cherry on top is the uptick in use of the black, matte finish, hardware.  Nothing finishes off a monochromatic design quite like a subtle, matte black, bar pull.

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