Updates from HWI




July 15, 2022



Vendor Lead Times – Vendor lead times have been getting longer but seem to have stabilized, thankfully. Most items we use can be received 6-8 weeks from the day of order. These lead times have almost doubled in length since 2019, so we find ourselves working farther and farther ahead so that we can stay on schedule.

HWI Production Schedule – Our production schedule has been crazy this year! Due to obviously longer vendor lead times and our own production being quite a bit higher than last year, our production is at least 8 weeks out, if not longer, depending on the month. At this point we only have space in our September, November, and December schedules.

Material Costs – The material costs conversation has been up and down, literally! We have definitely seen a decrease in costs when it comes to our more construction oriented materials, but other than that they’ve all gone up! Just for an example our white melamine, our most used raw material, has gone up 34% in price, our particle board has gone up 40%, and some of our laminate we don’t even know what we’ll pay for it until we receive an invoice. Uncertainty is the name of the game!

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