Keku Clips: What You Need to Know




April 5, 2021


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Choosing the right hardware for your projects is the difference between a good one and a great one.

An industry staple, Keku clips turn every project into a great one.

These ingenious devices provide an efficient solution for panel fixing. Both durable and convenient, Keku Clips are an industry favorite for a reason.


What are Keku Clips?

Often referred to as ‘Keku Clips’, these are actually panel clips.

They are designed to intuitively allow panels to be directly mounted from the front.

Commonly used as cabinet clips in bathrooms and locker rooms, Keku clips let you ‘secretly’ fix panels

What are Keku Clips used for?

Keku clips serve as invisible panel fixing systems that allow for easy installation and removal of panels whenever necessary.

This capability makes them a favorite for projects that require frequent access behind panels, such as in kitchen units or custom-built furniture.

There are various types of Keku clips including push-on and drop-on Keku clips, but all consist of two parts: – one ‘female’ part that attaches to the panel and another ‘male’ to the frame.

The two parts ingeniously clip together, creating a secure yet easily removable attachment.


The advantages of using Keku Clips

The benefits of Keku Clips extend beyond their innovative design. One significant advantage is their unmatched convenience.

With a simple push, panels can be installed securely, and with a gentle tug, they can be removed without causing any damage.

This ease of use greatly reduces the time and effort typically associated with panel installation and removal.

Keku panel clips also help cabinetry to look its absolute best. Keku clips remove the need for unattractive hardware on the external panels. With panels securely installed from the inside, the appearance of cabinets is seamless.


How to Install Keku Clips

Installing Keku Clips is easy and requires just three simple steps:

  1. Fix one part of the clip to the panel using screws.
  2. Attach the corresponding part of the clip to the frame.
  3. Slide the panel onto the frame, ensuring the two parts of the Keku Clip align and lock into place.


A buyer’s guide for Keku Clips

Whether you’re an architect or interior designer, Keku Clips are widely accessible.
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Keku Clips at HWI Custom Interiors

Keku clips’ unique design, coupled with their versatility and convenience, makes them an excellent choice for various applications. From changing room lockers to desk drawers, Keku clips have revolutionized panel fixing.

At HWI Custom Interiors, we believe in giving our customers the best. With fair pricing, invaluable service, and top-quality products we’ve been trusted in the Midwest for 39 years.

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