Product Feature: Arauco Prism Melamine




February 21, 2022


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Did you know?  We use the Arauco Prism brand melamine produced in Grayling, Michigan!  The Grayling particleboard is hailed as North America’s most productive and modern particleboard facility, and opened in the spring of 2019. As one of the first users of this product in the area we can vouch for how effective the product has been since we started using it.  The best features of using this product include the quality of it, but it’s also nice to know that the plant itself is close to the source of its product, closes to a source of labor, and close to its consumers!  In the Midwest, considered to be an underserved market for particleboard and melamine, this helps cut down lead times and addresses the supply imbalance in the region, especially at times like now when availability and shipping lead times are under such a threat.

A few specs of this board include, a high strength-to-weight ratio due to raw material control and flaking strategy, which allows for lighter weight board with high mechanical properties. The density range of this board is 26-48 pounds. This melamine is also available in 8 finishes, including the new Boreal and Velvet finishes.