News from HWI




October 6, 2021



This month we have a few new things happening here!

Our new edgebander is arriving on the 10th, with installation on the 17th.  We are very excited to be getting new machinery, as this will reduce our downtime for repairs that we had on our old machinery.  But along with the good there is usually some bad.  That bad happens to be more shortages and longer lead times on some of our materials, this time on our laminate.  We’ve seen prices increase on this across the board, in small, steady increments, and now supply has tightened as well, giving us longer lead times, and forcing us to use alternate colors and patterns to keep production on track.  But along with some of our shortages we have seen our hardware items shortages even out to a more consistent supply.  We hope this progress will extend to all of our raw materials!