Maximo Jobsite Sanitation Stand




July 22, 2020


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The Mobile Sanitation Stand is an ideal solution for slowing the spread of germs. This flexible, all-in-one unit can be easily moved throughout a premise as needed. Available as a fully stocked kit, with supplies and accessories, or as a basic fixture to be fitted with accessories of your choice.


  • Storage cabinet for additional supplies
  • Trash can compartment with a “no-touch” receptacle
  • Ability to stock and dispense the following items:
    • Hand Sanitizer (1-gallon jug)
      • Able to accommodate automatic dispenser upon availability
    • Facial Tissue, Gloves, Disposable Mask
      • Choice of two at one time
    • Disinfectant Wipes
  • Heavy duty casters for easy relocation
  • Locking door on cabinet to keep supplies secure
  • Made in-house
  • Additional Color Options Available by Custom Quote


  • Overall Size: 18”x 18” x 48”
  • Standard Color: White
  • Jug Holder: 1 Gallon – Round
  • Box Dispenser: 13”x 8”x 4”

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