HWI Approved Holiday Gift Guide 2021




December 8, 2021


Featured Products

  1. A Lufkin tape measure – We have personal experience with these as the photo shows, we loved giving out these branded tape measures to ensure everyone could enjoy them as much as us!
    Lufkin tape measure with HWI Custom Interiors branding
  2. Makita battery powered handheld vacuum – an essential in the tool bag of every installer and handyman, your clients will thank you for cleaning up after yourself!
    Makita battery powered handheld vacuum - with blue and black colors
  3. Aerosol Can Fire Extinguisher – not so applicable in professional applications, but for the DIYer or the handyman at home or even for your kitchen at home, a definite essential!
    Aerosol can fire extinguisher
  4. Handy Paint Pail – This may not be exclusive to woodworking, but a better handheld paint pail there is not!  Don’t forget to buy the liners so that you don’t have to clean it out when you’re done!
    Handy Paint Pail - a red handheld paint pail
  5. Kaizen Foam – Woodworkers may have a bit of a rep of being a little messy, so organize your toolbox drawers with some lean thinking!
    Kaizen Foam - dark grey foam for organizing toolbox drawers